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21st of January 2018


Why Guardians of the Galaxy Might Not Have Happened With X-Men In The MCU, According To James Gunn

If you're like me, when the Guardians of the Galaxy movie was announced in 2012, you raised an eyebrow. Even for longtime comic book fans, the Guardians were relatively obscure characters, so giving them their own movie was a strange idea. Thankfully for Marvel, that strange idea paid off and then some. Guardians of the Galaxy was a bonafide success upon release in 2014, making over $773 million worldwide and turning its starring characters into household names (well, Groot at least). Three years later, Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 followed and also impressed critically and commercially. So yes, it's taken a long time for the prospect of the X-Men and Fantastic Four appearing in the MCU to finally be within grasp, but because we got these versions of the Guardians in the meantime, I'm fine with the tradeoff.

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